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Family Owned & Operated

JB Decker is a family owned business, who is truly passionate about building quality and has been blessed to find joy in the craft of deck building.

Our motto at JB Decker is Just Decks, Better Quality!

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Our Story

JB Decker opened its doors in 2018 as a business committed to bringing quality craftsmanship to the Pottstown and surrounding areas. Being Parents of three, my wife, Tara and I were tired of working traditional jobs, and putting in long days apart from each other and just catching glimpses of family time right before bed or on the weekends. Working side by side, praying together, relying on God, family, and friends, we took our next steps into a new chapter of life as business owners. Today, despite being a small company, our team strives to bring satisfaction to every customer.


Meet The Team

Our Products

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